The story began early one morning in Costa Rica.

Nic Johnson sipped steaming coffee and watched the sunrise on the beach. Pink and orange clouds danced above dolphins playing in salty blue waves.

Then it happened.

He fell in love with the ocean all over again.

He realized the ocean didn't just provide fun waves. It also made the fresh air in his lungs, freshwater through clouds, and nourishing seafood.

Fast-forward to Nic shopping for new sunglasses. He was bummed there weren't premium, ocean-friendly, non-toxic options.

sala verde founder nicholas johnson surfing wave in costa rica

(that's Nic) 

He only found sunglasses made using toxic chemicals—like BPA and Diethyl Phthalate. Even expensive and recycled sunglasses he found were made using toxins.  So he decided to create OceanSafe™ sunglasses.  

girl on sailboat wearing sala verde oceansafe sunglasses

Sunglasses made from renewable resources. Without toxins found in other companies shades. Along with cases and microfiber cloths made from ocean-friendly materials. And a company that doesn't suffocate our oceans with plastic pollution. 

guy relaxing in sala verde oceansafe sunglasses

Sala Verde is Spanish for the "green room," a surfing term for the barrel of a wave.  We want to keep the green room,  

girl at tide pools wearing sala verde oceansafe sunglasses

Our goal is to support your health and our oceans through OceanSafe™ sunglasses.

It's a big goal, but we can achieve it through creativity, passion, logistics, and a little help from you.

Grab some shades!