Sala Verde Mission

girl wearing sala verde oceansafe sunglasses

Support your health and our oceans through ocean friendly sunglasses.

The first part of our mission is to support your health.

The reason is my dad worked outside much of his life and ended up needing cataract surgery. Thankfully everything went well, but it was an urgent reminder that sunglasses don't just make you look good.

They also block UV radiation from the sun that may cause long-term eye damage. Your eyes are the only part of your body that you can't protect using clothing or sunblock. So Sala Verde's goal is to help protect your charming eyes from the long term effects of the sun's harmful rays.

black and white surfing

The second part is to support our oceans.

Surfing, sailing, and fishing have taught me to appreciate the ocean and how vital it is to life on Earth. The ocean brings us freshwater via rain clouds and offers yummy food. Not to mention that about 70% of our oxygen is made by phytoplankton in the ocean. My respect for our blue planet has flowed into Sala Verde. It touches every aspect of the business.

That's why we use premium materials for our OceanSafe™ frames. They don't contain toxins like other cheap, expensive and even recycled sunglasses do. And why we plant 10 trees with each order, helping prevent ocean acidification.

surfer riding a wave framed by cactus

Supporting Sala Verde ensures you'll protect your eyes and look like a visual treat. All while supporting a small Californian company that's passionate about our ocean's health.

With an open heart,