Our Philosophies

10 Trees Planted Per Purchase

helps prevent ocean acidification and reverses greenhouse gas emissions. Trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity.

Planting trees doesn't just ensure that you have a gorgeous place to call home. It also ensures that everyone you love gets to breathe clean, fresh air too.

ocean and trees

Raw Materials Matter

OceanSafe™ Frames

made from renewable plant pulp that is normally a waste product. Our shades are made WITHOUT toxins found in other companies frames. To help prevent you, workers, and our oceans from being exposed to nasty stuff (like Diethyl Phthalate and BPA). Be confident your purchase is easy on your eyes and our oceans.

A Steel Skeleton

embedded in the frame provides structure and support. It can be shaped to your face for all day comfort (local opticians provide this service for free). The skeleton's durability ensures your shades can be up-cycled when you're done with them (if that day ever comes).

Your Cork Case

adds an extra layer of protection. Our cork is peeled from cork trees in a process that doesn't affect their natural life. So they can continue to capture carbon, filter water, and produce oxygen for 200+ years.

Your Gentle, Recycled Cloth

is made of 2.5 bottles diverted from a landfill. Designed to help keep your shades stunningly clear.

sala verde sunglasses and cork case on rock by the ocean

An Ocean-Friendly Business

Conscious Manufacturing

ensures increased product lifespan while reducing environmental impact. A 1-year manufacturer warranty means your product will last. During production, we eliminate waste by sweeping excess materials off the floor to be used in future batches of sunglasses.

Smart Shipping

keeps your sunglasses safe and eliminates unnecessary waste because we use small shipping boxes made of 100% recycled material (95% post consumer waste). The boxes are compostable or recyclable. Our inside message is printed in carbon negative Algae ink.

guy wearing sala verde oceansafe sunglasses

Smart Packing

means that we don't use unnecessary packaging and NEVER use plastic packaging. So our gorgeous blue oceans aren't suffocated with man-made materials.

We Work From Home

to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commuting. According to the EPA, the average passenger vehicle emits about 404 grams of CO2 per mile or about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

girl wearing sala verde oceansafe sunglasses

Closed Loop

so you can up-cycle or recycle your shades in the rare event that you take them off.


gently used shades helps bring sight to someone lacking resources to buy glasses.


broken Sala Verde shades with us means you're preventing landfill waste and bringing life to another product.

Up-cycle or recycle

Grab some shades!

guy wearing sala verde eco friendly sunglasses by a van and dog