Barrel Bucks (Reward Program)

 Sand Dollars On Beach

Earn Free Sunglasses

How? It's simple.

You earn Barrel Bucks for:
- Joining the program (200)
- Referring a new customer (200)
- Your Birthday (100)
- Every $1 spent with us (2)

Redemption Value

200 Barrel Bucks = $20 credit
400 Barrel Bucks = $40 credit
And so on...

There are no limits. You could get free ocean-friendly shades for life.

Give $20, Get $20

Anyone you refer gets $20 off their first purchase through your referral link.


1. Use your account to make purchases.

2. Share your referral link with friends or on social—let's be real, someone you know needs a new pair of shades and would appreciate you sharing a discount.

Getting Started

To earn your first 200 Barrel Bucks, simply make an account HERE.

How To Use

Click the blue starfish button in the bottom corner of the screen to manage your Barrel Bucks and referrals.

Fine Print

Don't be shady. We reserve the right to revoke Barrel Bucks and suspend your account for suspicious activity.