How to Clean Your Sunglasses | The Right Way

Sala Verde Ocean Friendly Sunglasses And Cork Case

It's happened to all of us.

You get a brand new pair of sunglasses, and you notice the first smudge on one of your lenses.

It might be sweat or oil from your skin, dust floating in the air, sunscreen or makeup that found its way onto your lens.

Or a combination of them all. 

It obstructs your vision, and you start to question your decision to buy nice sunglasses.

But don't worry!

You can easily clean off that spot, and the others that will inevitably develop, without scratching your lenses.

The first thing you should do is to smile because you're living an exciting life where smudges happen, and it's easy to fix them.

The second is to set aside 5 minutes to throw on some music and clean your sunglasses so you can get back to living your UV protected, stylish life.

You don't want to accidentally damage your shades when trying to clean them.

So here's the right way to clean sunglass lenses back into their original state.


  1. Wash your hands—This ensures that you don't make your shades dirtier than when you started. Use lotion-free soap or clear dishwashing liquid and dry your hands with a clean, lint-free cloth instead of paper towels. Paper towels can transfer micro-wood pulp onto your hands, which will scratch your lenses.
  2. Rinse your lenses—Use lukewarm tap or filtered water to release any dirt and dust that has accumulated on your lenses. Avoid hot or freezing water because rapid temperature fluctuations can damage your lenses.
  3. Apply lotion-free soap—Apply a drop of mild dishwashing soap to each lens. Soap or detergent with lotion in it will smudge your lenses.
  4. Gently rub your lenses—Use your fingertips to rub both sides of the lenses to remove blemishes without making any scratches. Be sure to rub close to the edge where the lens meets the frame because that is where a lot of grime will be trapped.
  5. Rinse—Rinse off all the dirt, grime and soap so that your shades remain streak-free.
  6. Shake—Shake off excess water and inspect for leftover dirt. If there is excess dirt, go back to step #2.
  7. Dry—Use your included microfiber or lint-free cloth to dry your lenses to prevent fuzzies.


Avoid these things to ensure a long lifespan for your shades.

  • Use your clothing to clean your sunglasses—Your clothes are porous and contain microscopic dust and dirt that will scratch your sunglasses. Micro scratches will accumulate with time, making your lenses appear foggy.
  • Use paper products—Paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, and tissues contain micro wood fibers that are coarse and not gentle on your lenses. 
  • Use saliva—It might seem like a good idea, but it's not sanitary and doesn't work well. You may have abrasive food particles in your mouth that damage your lenses.
  • Use household cleaners—They will do more harm than good, and your glasses deserve better.
  • Forget to clean your microfiber cloth—Over time, your microfiber cloth will accumulate dust and oils. To prevent dirt and oil from returning to your glasses, hand wash your cloth with lotion-free dishwashing soap.

Be cautious if you drop your sunglasses at the beach or somewhere that you're not able to clean your shades correctly. 

Pick them up carefully and use clean water to rinse them off. Properly clean them as soon as you can.


The best way to keep your sunglasses clean is to take precautionary steps like always putting them back in their case when you're not wearing them, even if you only take them off for a second. 

Properly storing your sunglasses will drastically decrease how often you need to clean them. 

Sala Verde sunglasses come with a sustainable + foldable cork case that is easy to tuck away in your bag while traveling. 

It folds flat when not in use so that it doesn't take up valuable bag space, and it's stylish too. 

The case is a compliment magnet.

The best thing about the case is that the cork is harvested by peeling bark from a cork tree in a way that doesn’t affect the tree’s natural life.

That means the tree can continue to capture carbon, filter water, and produce oxygen for its entire natural life—200+ years.

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