Around the World with Erick Proost

Around the World with Erick Proost

When Erick isn't traveling on a film quest, you can find him making videos in California. He has an impressive portfolio, some of which is at the end of this article. I was able to steal a few moments of his time to discuss all things Erick, so you're in for a treat!

(All photos by Erick except the portrait above by Steven Lippman)

When and how did you get into cinematography?

I started filming because of Surfing and the beauty of it. My dad got me into surfing when I was six, and when I turned 12, he gave me a little Handycam so I could record friends and advance our surfing. After watching many Taylor Steele surf movies, I fell in love with cinematography was inspired to film my friends. My favorite part of filming is capturing the beauty of the ocean and nature through surfing and the lifestyle that comes with it. Surfing takes you incredible places which bring with them equally amazing views.

It definitely takes you off the beaten path. What caused you to choose this over photography?

I believe photography is part of the cinematography. When you choose cinematography you’re also choosing photography, but with a story behind it. I love music too, so it’s fun incorporating songs into my videos.

Spoken like a true cinematographer! Why did you choose to specialize in water shots?

Because I'm a surfer, I started to get bored being out of the water on those typical sunny days. LOL. But I realized that filming surfing from the water and sharing moments with surfers gives me the same feeling as riding the waves.
Also because surfing is unique, you're in total contact with nature and the ocean, something so big and unknown. I've been fascinated with the views we get as surfers since my first wave. Every duck dive, I tried to keep my eyes inside the barrel or on the details of the wave's lip. Or even the wave breaking underwater. Those little things are thrilling.

Sometimes big things depending on the swell. What has been one of your favorite projects lately?

For me, every project represents a moment of my life, and I always end up liking my most recent project the most. It’s like memories. But if I had to choose one, I would say SORRIA is my favorite because of the time we spent working on it. I shot this 32 min movie with the Director Gabriel Novis, and we spent more than a year shooting around the world with some good friends and world-renowned surfers like Yago Dora, Filipe Toledo, and many others. Gabriel is a great director, and some of my best work has been shooting for him. We had perfect times I'll never forget.

That sounds like a dream come true, but it's not all a dream. What are some tedious aspects of crafting a video?

Creating surf videos is extremely different compared to on-land films. It’s just too hard to predict nature. To develop good material with surfing and killer waves can be super frustrating because you never know what’s going to happen on the next day, and there are so many factors to consider (such as weather, winds, tide, etc.) so it can take much longer than you originally planned.

That's a lot to juggle for a video. How do you know a project is successful?

Someone once said to me, "You know you have a great project when you touch a person's heart. And you've just touched mine." That is what I consider a successful video production.

That gives me goosebumps. Where can we find out more about you and your work?

Through my website, and my Vimeo channel, Erick Proost. I think Instagram is the best portfolio. Mainly because many times, I work together with directors or companies and that's the only place I end up sharing that work.

Erick's Videos:

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